Boomers Discover Powerful Way to Leverage Their Self-Directed IRAs – Borrow and Buy Real Estate

Retired Pilot Fuels His IRA With a Mortgage From North American Savings Bank (

GRANDVIEW, Mo.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Like the millions of baby boomers retiring every year, when airline pilot Tom Ebenhack hung up his uniform he took control of his personal finances with a self-directed IRA. The difference? He rolled over his lump-sum retirement payment into an IRA investment he understands—real estate.

“Leverage is the whole benefit of real estate,” says Ebenhack, who was surprised to discover he could borrow and buy property through his IRA with a special non-recourse loan from North American Savings Bank (NASB) ( In response to client requests, NASB created the nation’s first non-recourse loans, for real estate held in IRAs. The loans are structured to meet the stringent IRS requirements for real estate purchases through self-directed retirement accounts, and NASB is the only lender to offer investors nationwide access to the product.

Leverage your retirement with IRA non-recourse loans

When proactive investors find out about the growth and tax advantages of investing their IRAs in real estate, they often ask:

  • What organization is suppressing this information?
  • Why didn’t my CPA tell me I could invest my IRA in real estate?
  • What’s the catch? It seems too good to be true.

Matt Allen, Director of IRA Lending at NASB, says, “The catch is finding professionals who can help you make the real estate investment happen. At NASB, we’re filling the gap by offering mortgages specifically for IRAs and by educating financial advisors to meet the demand.” As America’s leading IRA lender, NASB teams up with national self-directed IRA experts to teach investors and CPAs, attorneys and brokers the how-tos. Allen’s next presentation for financial professionals is January 17th, 2007 in San Francisco. Limited seating is available at the free event, so register on IRA custodian and host PENSCO Trust Company’s site.

To learn more about IRA borrowing requirements, contact Matt Allen at (816) 347-4222 or visit

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Founded in 1927, Grandview, Missouri-based NASB is the only nationwide lender that specializes in IRA lending, including 30-year fixed and 5-year adjustable IRA mortgages. Their dedicated IRA lending team typically processes and funds loans within 30 days. NASB maintains a network of IRA professionals, including attorneys, real estate brokers and custodians, to help clients invest their self-directed IRA accounts in real estate.