Self-Directed IRA Investors Replace Traditional Bank Loans for Real Estate & Business Capital

San Francisco, CA– February 19, 2009 — PENSCO Trust, a leading self-directed IRA custodian identifies a silver lining in this dismal market. “IRA investors are becoming lenders to builders, rehabbers and start-up businesses,” says Tom Anderson, founder and CEO of PENSCO Trust Company. “The turbulence in the traditional market is driving investors to safe harbors and alternative assets.”

Panicked investors who are seeking new ways to salvage their retirement accounts can learn their true retirement investment options and strategies at a 2-day content-rich event in New York, March 5th – 6th, 2009. Surprisingly, many people are still not aware that they can invest in a multiple number of investments not offered by Wall Street and traditional banks.

The event will bring together some of the nation’s leading experts on self-directed IRA investing – Pat Rice, author of the leading book on the topic “IRA Wealth;” Jordan Goodman, a nationally syndicated expert on financial planning issues; Barry Picker, CPA/PFS/CFP and author of the Guide for Retirement Distribution Strategies; Tom Anderson, known as America’s expert on self-directed IRAs. They will teach investors and professionals about their retirement investment options and share numerous investor success stories. Professionals in attendance will learn powerful marketing techniques to help them incorporate alternative assets and self-directed IRAs using YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn from Robyn K. Levin, marketing advisor to entrepreneurs and author of the Cocktail Napkin Marketing Plan™. Visit for more details.

Business start-ups attract capital with IRA Funds

Entrepreneur, David Scott Kelly co-founded P.W.A.I. LLC., a beauty product manufacturing company that was funded by IRA money. “Our business never would have started if we didn’t know about self-directed retirement investing,” says Kelly. “I’ll be attending the NY Symposium for additional networking, marketing ideas and to learn more about smart exit strategies.”

Financial, Legal & Real Estate Professionals Discover a New Niche with Self-Directed IRAs

Stephen Pugh, Managing Director of Alain Pinel Investment Group in San Francisco was ecstatic when Kathy Holcomb, Business Development Officer of PENSCO Trust told him he could use his IRA to invest in real estate. “He said his stock broker told him he should just leave his money (that has dropped drastically) in the stock market and be patient,” says Holcomb. But Pugh was looking for better opportunities. “Nobody ever told me I could invest my IRA into foreclosures and commercial real estate. This is a great way to rebuild retirement wealth and take advantage of these unprecedented times,” said Pugh.

Learn more about this educational CE event and your own retirement investment options on YouTube. Register by February 22 for a $79 Early-Bird Discount at

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